Trimarchi 2011 HIGHLIGHTS

Trimarchi this year was a nice design-filled weekend in Mar del Plata, not the best weather but some great design and talks.

Some of the highlights were Jermyville, Song Hojun, and the one and only David Carson.

Jermyville, was an interesting speaker, he’s a great illustrative designer who has a huge variety of works completed from art toys to buses. His unique style of illustration makes for fun colorful works.

He is well know for his public service announcements, wich are like mini illustrated life lessons and morals:

It was a cool presentation, they had this camera set up that filmed what he was drawing live and put it up on a giant screen, He talked about his studio and his values. The guy has done a lot of work for different companies. Here is his reel, enjoy!

Song Hojun came to present as well and he posed an interesting concept, He wants to put a satellite in space. Most of the satellites that are in space today are either government or big business satellites. His goal is to put a privately owned satellite into space. So he set out to design and launch his own.

Its a great nerd art project.



there’s a funny story behind this… the three people in the video were the only ones there. No public what so ever.


Song is raising money to launch the sattelite through selling t-shirts.

9924 T shirts = 1 Satellite



Carson, the superstar veteran designer, came and talked a little and showed some slides. It was interesting to hear about his opinions on design, being that his view off design never came from a formal design education, and his works purposely break the design “rules.” here are some photos and videos:



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